Cardinal Padiyara Nature Cure & Yoga Ashram
Kusumagiri P.O., Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala, India. 
Phone: 0484 2422276, Mob: 9447302524

St. Tresa's Nature Cure & Yoga Ashram
Kurumassery P.O., Moozhikkulam, Angamali, Kerala, India.
Phone: 0484 2473221 Mobile: 9744257679

Amala Nature Cure & Yogashram
Chandrapur Dist.,Tukum, Pin 442401, Maharashtra. 
Phone: 07172 271724

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The three nature cure and yoga centres - Cardinal Padiyara Nature Cure Yoga Ashram Kakkanad Kerala,  St. Tresa's Prakruthi Chikilsalayam   Moozhikulam Kerala,  Amala Nature Cure Centre, Chandrapur Maharastra  - run by the Sisters of Sadhu Sevana Sabha, a congregation in the  Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly, follow a Holistic Approach to human health, which is preventive, curative and promotive.  

There, the people are taught: 

  • How to be self-reliant and responsible in personal health 

  • How to adopt drugless health care as a way of life, which is preventive as well as curative. The treatments provided at these centres prevent and cure acute and chronic diseases affecting the heart, lungs, liver, abdomen, kidneys, pancreas, glands, uterus, blood, nerves, skin, head, brain, joints, intestines and mind. Pain, management, substance abuse, obesity, Sinusitis, Migraines, genetic disorders, allergies etc.

  • How to be healthy in all seasons in any given place throughout one's life and how to enjoy natural health free from unnatural obesity. 

Our Credentials : 

In these thirty years we have successfully treated more than 50 thousand Chronic cases of illness. People come and get cured from all parts of the world from different types of ailments.

Our hospital is famous due to the use of nutritional medicine and alternative helping material for detoxification, cure and health maintenance.

These centres strive: 

  • To create simple health consciousness and culture opposed to the drug-culture, befitting to all - the rich and the poor, the healthy and  the sick, manual laborers and white-collared employees.

  • To do research in healthy way of cooking, natural and organic gardening and drugfree life

  • To liberate everyone from fear of sickness, misconceptions on natural life and health violations

  • To ensure health by applying Ether (fasting cure), Air (yogasanas), Fire (light), Water and Earth (satvic food);

  • To remove inordinate faith and attachment to drugs, doctors, operations and hospitals; 

  • To provide free treatment to poor people; 

  • To propagate this gospel of healing by auto energy through food alone. 


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