• Single and double residential rooms with wooden cots, cotton beds and pillows. 

  • A/C rooms single and double bed.

  • Acupuncture, Electrothetapy and Nutritional therapy.

  • Supervision of treatment and diet by religious sisters. 

  • Healthy, Pure vegetarian food and herbal drinks. 

  • Theory and practical classes on yoga and naturopathy. 

  • Running water, swimming in river ( at Moozhikulam), natural health products  and books. 


 Dr.(Fr.) Thomas Maliekal ND Ph.D., the founder and director. He is a doctor of naturopathy, Masso Magnato Therapy and Yoga with 35 odd years of experience. He conducted more than ten thousand awareness classes for the public.

Dr. (Sr.) Elsy, Dr. (Sr.) Prestina, Dr. (Sr.) Philo Dr. (Sr.) Joice, Dr. (Sr.) Josia, Dr. (Sr.) Aleykutty, Dr. (Sr.) Deepa, Dr. (Sr.) Smitha, Dr.(Sr.) Jomol BNYS,Regd no 110., Dr.(Sr.)Alphonsa BNYS, Sr. Ani, Jasmin etc 

A group of Catholic nuns trained in nature cure and yoga. Male and female nurses. 
Outpatients are welcome. 
Outpatients are welcome from 11 to 4 p m. In-patients can have consultation at any time. 

The Treatments: 
Sun bath, Air bath, Spine-hip-foot bath, steam bath, fasting and mud therapy, yoga and prayer therapy, meditation, counseling, massage, magnet therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and Nutritional therapy.

Full mud bath

  HIP bath

Spinal bath

The Food: 
Food is medicine. So it is very important in nature cure. We scientifically supply good quality natural food in proper proportion and right combination, we insist on right rules in cooking, eating and drinking. Raw and cooked vegetables deliciously prepared, seasonal food, whole cereal food, and legumes, mint, pulses, germinated nuts, tasty herbal tea, herbal and vegetable juice, honey, lemon juice, vegetable soup, plain water etc are provided. 

Healthy people too are welcome 
Healthy people can come and stay in these ashrams to learn about healthy and good life. We provide them body service, spiritual renewal and rest.  


  • Dormitory 400/-
  • Single room 800/-
  • Normal double room 1500/-
  • a/c single room 1900/-
  • a/c double room 2400/-
  • Non a/c single room with TV 1350/-
  • Non a/c double room with TV 1700/-
  • Massage 400/-

Tea, coffee, intoxicating liquors, drugs, smoking and non-vegetables, fast food, denatured, tinned, bakery, processed food. 
Medical Examination: 
When necessary we advice a detailed medical check-up. Patients are expected to bring past treatment history and also the medicines they are using now. 
Time Table at the Ashrams: 
Before Noon: 5.30 rising, personal cleaning, herbal raw juice; 6.00 prayer, meditation; 7.00 yoga practice; Herbal tea, 8.15 consultation. 9.00 treatments, bath. 10.30 lunch (brunch), free time, indoor games. Afternoon: 12.30 vegetable soup/juice, free chat, rest; 2.00 treatment and bath; 3.30 herbal and vegetable raw juice,  swimming, walking, study, rest. 4.30 herbal tea, yoga practices/walking. 5.00 mild sun bath, 6.00 evening prayers, mediation, bhajans, singing, praising God, shared  prayers. 7.00 dinner, entertainment, theory class, indoor games, satsang. 9.00 night prayers, thanksgiving for the day, review of the day. 9,30 night rest, silence. 

Diseases are Cured without drugs:  

The treatment at these centres during the last two decades cured without the use of drugs several illnesses such as cold, fever, sneezing,  migraine-headache, asthma, stomach trouble, diarrhea, piles, diabetes,  blood pressure, cervical pain, neurosis, hysteria, alcoholism, drug  addiction, jaundice, body pain, stones, ulcers, abscess, gas trouble,  obesity, insanity, primary stage of cancer, acidity, heart trouble, skin, typhoid, beginning of paralysis, Rheumatism, epilepsy, bleeding, tumour,  barrenness, Tuberculosis, constipation, genetic problems etc. 



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